Mature meat on road 66 : a biker's meal

Photo Mature meat on road 66 : a biker's meal

Road 66 is a short for Route 66 Meat Service. Commonly known as Route 66, it is reputable for its high quality meat. Route 66 is top-rated for having the best chicken and steaks.

Not only is the quality of the meat amazing; but the quality of customer service is excellent. Road 66 is where you can buy awesome meat and seafood at a discounted price. Read the insight about Road 66 and find out everything about its mature meat.

Route 66 steakhouses

Route 66 is a popular venue for motorcycle riders. The steakhouses are based in Riverside, California, and in two locations on Red River, Texas, particularly in Amarillo and in Mc Lean.

The steakhouses are open on weekdays from 11:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. Route 66 makes you catch the Wild West Spirit, which consists of hunting. Go to the land where cowboys hunted buffalos; ride on motorbikes and enjoy the awesome taste of wet-aged or dry-aged beef.

Ride to Road 66 for mature meat

Several people have reviewed the meat at Road 66. The meat is awesome with great texture. In addition, it is interesting to buy meat from there because you can get a big box of meat for a real bargain. 

  • Hand-cut steaks: Go to the steakhouses in California or in Texas and try the well-famed hand cut steaks, which is strongly reminiscent of the cowboys in the West. It shows the great power of the hunters facing the wild animals.
  • Ranch premium wet-aged beef: The beef is vacuum-packed to retain its moisture. Then it is kept in the freezer. The wet aging process takes 14 to 30 days. The meat does not shrink in size, and its color is always red after the wet-aging process.
  • Ranch premium dry-aged beef: To dry the beef, the meat is hung or kept on a rack for 20 to 30 days. The beef becomes dry, shrinks in size, and its color changes from red to dark purple. Then, the beef is carved and cleaned before it is stored in the freezer. The steaks are aged for 90 to 100 days before they are sold. Dry-aged beef is richer in flavor and texture.
  • Great tasting steaks: The aged steaks are real delicacies, with their exquisite taste and texture. The longer the meat is stored, the more flavor it has!
  • Awesome chicken: Enjoy the fine taste of hand-battered chicken, which is fried or grilled like no other. It is never deep-fried, and the meat has its full flavor, which makes your mouth water.
  • Large pieces of meat: Go to Road 66 and satisfy your hunger by eating the oversized black Angus ribeyes which can fill up a bunch of cowboys.

A biker's meal

Ride on your bicycle to any of the following steakhouses, following special trails: 

  • Route 66 Meat and Chicken Service at 1243 Columbia Avenue, Suite B2, Riverside, California. 
  • Rote 66 Red River Steakhouse, Amarillo, Texas. 
  • Route 66 Red River Steakhouse, McLean, Texas.

Taste mature meat at the finest restaurants on Road 66 in California or in Texas. The steakhouses are where you can taste the highest quality of beef available.

Go to Road 66

Now you know more about the amazing mature meat on Road 66, plan your trip to the famous steakhouses and set out for a real adventure. Rent a car to Route 66 through the online travel agency Opodo.

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