The American burger : the best restaurants to taste it

Image The American burger : the best restaurants to taste it

Traveling to America, whether to the USA or Canada, the American burger is a must. Fast food, restaurants, from beef steak to buffalo to veggies, the burger is king in this part of the world! Almost all restaurants have some on their menu. And to be sure to taste the best, we made a list of the tastiest.

The best burgers in Fast Food

Fast Foods often serve burgers as specialities. So, these are must-haves to taste the best American Burger.

  •  Wendy's: Wendy's offers good value for money. The taste is above average in comparison to other brands offering the same price. If you are looking for something in this range, it is surely one of the best choices.
  •  McDonald's: it can be funny to spend money there to compare to McDonald's of your country. The taste is more or less the same except that in America, the meat is really tastier. In addition, the accompaniments are more numerous in quantity and the Coca Cola bottle is enormous.
  •  A & W: A good alternative to McDo but unfortunately fishing by its price! The two dollars difference is two dollars too much. Nevertheless, it can be nice to taste at least once.
  •  Five Guys: It is famous throughout the USA and plays every year for the title of the best burger. It has become a legend! The franchise is exported all over the world and recently in France with a restaurant in Paris.
  •  Shake Shack: the brand was voted best burger of the year in 2015. If you want to play the quality card without paying the $ 15 Five Guys, you found your sign!

Burgers at restaurants

For a more convivial setting and an American Burger more sought after and "fresh", the following restaurants are worth visiting: 

  • Friendly's: The typical dinner at Pulp Fiction. It is found on the US roadside, and their map is filled with burgers! For a classic and tasty burger, this is the best restaurant.
  •  McGees: Eating a burger in the How I Met Your Mother? It's a must do for many. In addition to enjoying a very American burger, you could have a cocktail at the famous bar and especially take selfies to raise envy to your entourage.
  •  Chic & Shack: Located in Old Quebec (the city), this restaurant is halfway between counter and table service. We get up to order, but the order is delivered to us. Large tables are preferred to intimate banquettes. The decor is retro-connected, without detaching from another restaurant.
  •  Cinko: Eat at the restaurant for $ 5? This is the challenge of Cinko, where all the dishes are 5 piasters, as they say! At this price, we do not expect a card to extend or gourmet, yet both defend themselves. A large fried Burger with a glass of soda awaits you for the pleasure of eating well without robbing a bank.

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